CNN might have provided a sliver of perspective into America’s absurdity with Jesus, but Bill Maher really puts the nail in the coffin of this world’s fascination with the make-believe in his new documentary “Religilous.” Instead of lamenting how imperative it is for all logically thinking humans to see this film when it drops on October 3rd, it makes more sense to quote the opposition on why you shouldn’t watch it or even check out the website. According to these crazy Catholics, Bill Maher is a comic with Illuminati motives: “On his site, which I don’t suggest you go to, is full of all sorts language and horrible blasphemy, I honestly wouldn’t be surprised if this guy was a mason. In fact I would find it very interesting, because it would expose his agenda and only further my point that this guy may very well believe in God himself but attempts to bring himself above God and stomp on him.”