The one penny increase on all first class stamps ain’t the problem with the United States Postal Service, it’s the ridiculously long lines in the city’s post offices. Although there are many slow moving ones across the city, the Metropolitan Post Office at 47 Debevoise Street (between Humboldt and Graham) is one of the worst. Located on what basically amounts to the Williamsburg-Bushwick border, the shoddy facility houses automated stamp machines that are often busted, tables with no supplies, and computers that malfunction often. That, coupled with thoroughly lethargic postal workers, makes for one of the worst mail related experiences ever.

Take yesterday for example. At around 9:05AM, there was only one clerk working the general services window while the other worker, who handles pick-ups/post office boxes, sat there customerless, claiming he couldn’t relinquish his post—even though there was no one to help and the main line began to pile up. posmall_man.JPGOne of the old-timers who was waiting in line for over 40 minutes to buy the ‘Forever’ stamps, ranted about how the Post Office removed the clock that had been there for years. “They took it off the wall so people can’t tell how long they’ve been waiting. It’s not like this in the Jewish neighborhoods, there’s never a line,” fumed the man. After a quick search, it appears there’s at least three others that agree enough to rant about this house of horrors online, this being the best one:

Abandon hope, all ye who enter this godforsaken place on 47 Devevoise. Also abandon at least an hour of your day. It’s always crowded, 90% of the time there’s only 1 person working there, and the line moves very slowly.

Unfortunately there’s many more like it throughout all the five boroughs. Send in your worst stories here: [email protected]