Madame Tussauds’ repair room is described as a “gruesome human body shop of sorts, a grisly place where unmouthed teeth and disembodied heads are strewn across the tables and the floor and the Times has a great interactive feature to prove it. ” |NYT|
Brooklyn DA Charles Hynes discusses why he tied recent rape victim Michael Mineo’s police brutality case to Abner Louima’s: “The endgame, you know, the comparison, is that the allegation that an instrument in each case was shoved up someone’s anus.” |NYT|
Three people, including a mother and son team, working at the DMV accepted bribes to “make traffic tickets disappear.” |NYP|
If the state doesn’t throw money at the perpetually cash hungry MTA, the costs of MetroCards could increase to $100 for a monthly, plus “13 more for an 14-day card, $7 for an weekly card and $2 more for a one-day card.” |NYP|
Political comedian Jon Stewart used the French Spiderman climbing the New York Times building incident to make fun of the Gray Lady’s financial woes. |Gothamist|