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UTAH, a prolific female graffiti writers and her less significant other, ETHER were arrested after coming off a three month bombing run in Europe. The all-country, Queens repping vandal was taken into custody after flying into Chicago by what Newsday simply describes as “authorities.” Really? Who were these authorities (federal, state, local?) and why didn’t the suburban oriented newspaper get a little more specific? It’s an arrest for graffiti, not a threat to national security. Same with ETHER who was arrested when he arrived at JFK. The two were reportedly in “New York Police Department’s book of most notorious taggers,” although it’s still unclear if local cops had anything to do with the bust. One of the two mysterious sources described UTAH as the “number one active female tagger, possibly in the country, definitely in New York.” And judging by all her tags on the streets of NYC—including this one right over an abandoned NECKFACE piece—not to mention a sizable collection on flickr (FYI: you’ll have to weed through because of her name) from all over that distinction isn’t too far off the mark. Click below for a small sampling of her handiwork. |Newsday| UPDATE (4/3/09): UTAH goes to court and starts dealing with all the legal drama.

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