250_made-u-look-mul-monopoly.jpgOK, if you’ve never heard of the graffiti crew Made U Look, let’s quickly bring you up to speed. These are the guys that pulled off one of the most amazing subway painting fetes in a long time. In all, they bombed eight cars, top to bottom, and never got caught! Although they did take photos of their accomplishments like all good vandals do, they never released them to the public. This is where the NYPD’s Vandal Squad comes in. These secretive anti-graffiti cops than went and took photos of Made U Look’s completed “Monopoly train.” Now here’s where the real sleazy underhandedness comes to play. The cops then went and registered, published, and maintained a faux website called MadeULookNYC.com and basically posed as the valiant graffiti crew. Not only did they post photos of the graffiti writers work, but they also attempted to sell t-shirts bearing the thoroughly painted covered train. Thankfully though, some people in the know called bullshit on the website and warned aerosols devotees that the whole thing was a scam.
However, because they keep out of the public eye, there was never absolute confirmation from the real Made U Look graffiti crew, that is, until recently when they broke down the whole story in an interview with international vandal loving magazine Xplicit Grafx. Read the excerpts that detail just how deceptive the Vandal Squad is. And that site of there’s? No more, which now leads to questions about what they plan on doing with all that info they’ve gathered. Stay tuned. |Razor Apple|