Graffiti Writer Pieces Furniture Together

ces_1_highboy.jpgAs we’ve said many times before, when graffiti—and especially street art—is removed from it primary element it often loses it’s sexy edginess, but there are exceptions to the rule as demonstrated by legendary Bronx bomber writer, CES. The artist was commissioned by furniture designer Douglas Homer to paint “vintage highboys,” transforming them into one of a kind of pieces. Here’s the art speak description of the project that aims to combine elements of new and old: “This pairing of conflicting cultural and stylistic languages helps to resuscitate both the object and the image, giving them new life. While the object becomes a new architectural support on which the tag can exist, the painted word breathes new life into the used furniture.” Click below for another piece from the BronxProject (PDF brochure) collection, complete with close-ups.