Battered and broken. Photo: |Gothamist|
What most ardent street art super fans forget to realize is that work put up in the public space, in most cases, is temporary and subject to vandalism enhancing. Unless your REVS and are welding shit down or installing stuff in hard to reach places, it’s almost impossible to expect stuff like this to last—especially crap as corny as Greenpoint’s “Birthday Girl.” She’s the wood cutout piece of “street art” that some guy put up as either a publicity art project gimmick or as a real birthday present concept for his girlfriend who moved to Connecticut. After getting painted, stickered, and draw on, the little lady has been completely smashed to bits. In honor of the brief street girl, ANIMAL compiled a visual timeline of her various states of forced improvements.

Virgin state. Photo: Ry aka |Olympia|
Painted gray and slapped in the head with a “Stay in Connecticut” sticker. Photo: New York Shitty
Sharpie enhancements. Photo: |Tactiksmag|