250_thumb463x_fa71f0bee19d000a2a3f4f4f4774fdd9.jpgIn case you hadn’t heard, there’s a new version of Grand Theft Auto out, this one called Liberty City, which despite its fictitious name, is modeled after NYC. Like every previous incarnation, it’s broiled in controversy due to the extreme violence, sex, and other high scoring immoral behaviors. But here’s one expected outcome, it could save some of the the city’s residents from being Reginald Denny’d. Gamer-obsessors Kotaku, went up to Spanish Harlem to get the consensus on the new game and discovered that many gamers are using the game to get their angst out about the Sean Bell verdict. According to a staff supervisor at Game Express:

“GTA lets them do the stuff they can’t do in real life,” Dragon says. “Like, ‘this one’s for Sean Bell,'” he adds, imitating a beat-down in mid-air.

Dragon says customers have shared plans to form gangs online, and pressed him for details about the specific types of crimes they’ll be able to commit in the game. It’s not that these people want to be criminals, though — “It’s a ghetto thing,” Dragon says. “They just want to take their anger out… people are upset right now.”

You would think that mothers would understand this healing process best, but no, now MADD has joined the chorus of anti-GTA groups. |Kotaku|