Public figurre-painting gimmicky artist Geoffrey Raymond wasted no time whipping up this image of shameful Lehman Brothers CEO Richard Fuld and encouraging the public to express their anger on canvas. |AP|
DNA evidence lifted from a cigarette butt leads to a murder conviction. |Newsday|
Glass from the Bank of America Tower in Midtown showers down onto the street and miraculously no one was hurt. |CityRoom|
Crotchety old man rants about public art. |Gothamist|
The polar ice still isn’t faring well. |Arstechnia|
Someone hacked Sarah Palin’s Yahoo email account that she strangely uses for state business. |Gawker|
Also, if you feel like congratulating her daughter Bristol on that proud pregnancy, now’s your chance: 907-982-9061.
(Photo: Konrad Fielder)