Last Thursday, the global networking power brokers known as the Bilderberg Group kicked things off in Chantilly, Virginia (the same night that Obama and Clinton held their secret date) to discuss the easiest method to worldwide enslavement and other upbeat one world government-type topics. The domestic mainstream media, who has a history of not reporting on the annual event, didn’t despite a last minute, bonafide Yahoo press release. Luckily the Czechs and Turks were on it. Conspiracy theories aside, isn’t it news that scores of some of the world’s most wealthy and powerful VIPs across various industries did indeed attend a clandestine meeting within earshot of the nation’s capital? To get a better handle on who attends these type of meetings and their various affiliations, here’s the fun, embeddable, interactive ‘American Friends of Bilderberg Relationship’ map which just so happens to lead off with newly resigned vice presidential vetter Jim Johnson. Apparently, he’s got much more important king-making duties to attend to, just behind the scenes. |AFB Relationship Map|