Fore more than a century New Yorkers joyously celebrated Evacuation Day, a historic holiday marking the final expulsion of the British from the city. |City Room|
Friends and family claim that one of the Long Island assholes charged with fatally stabbing a Hispanic man is really a nice guy. Right! |NYT|
Speaking of assholes, “Sopranos” and “A Bronx Tale” actor Lillo Brancato Jr.’s trial for murdering an off duty cop finally began. |NYT|
Can raspy voiced Charlie Rangel do the right thing and fall on his sword already? |NYP|

A former producer for the Fugees and halfway rapper charged with smuggling liquid coke into the country in 2000 had his sentence commuted by President Bush. |NYP|
Forget the fact that she’s a teacher at his high school, why is this 17-year-old male model for Hugo Boss screwing such a hideous looking woman? |NYDN|
Even MTA executives are encouraging straphangers to protests the proposed fare hikes. |NYDN|
A urinal from CBGB and other Rock and Roll paraphernalia are safe in SoHo. |amNY|