Design house Heads of State updates their website, showcasing some of their pretty interesting recent work. |HeadsofState via TheSerif|
Governor Patterson will discuss NY’s increasingly shitty economy. |CBS|
This dude can deal with a harrowing commute to NYC, but can handle walking on the sidewalk? “Needless to say people in New York are not the kindest, the gentlest people walk in front of you, cut you off, bump into you.” |AMNY|
50-Cent knocks out Russian for new VitaminWater commercial. |Nahright|
President Bush is leaving a fiscal crisis for the next president with a federal deficit expected to exceed $500 million (not including the War drain). |WSJ|
With more than 20,000 reported cases, Berlin gets honorary designation: “graffiti capital of Europe.” |Scotsman|
Too bad that unpatriotic hack journalist Robert Novak didn’t get that brain tumor a little earlier, ya know, before he outed CIA agent Valerie Plame. |Reuters|