These young athletes are from the marathon breeding capital of the world, Eldoret in Kenya, but unlike some of their top qualifying countrymen, they are not interested in running, they prefer bike racing. Unfortunately, cycling is expensive and Africa doesn’t cultivate cyclists like some of the countries do runners, so they launched a website, TheAfricanCyclist, to get word out. After this year’s Tour de France is all packed up, Zakayo Nderi and Samwel Mwangi plan on going to the Alpe d’Huez, a famous climb stage, to see if they can finish somewhere between Lance Armstrong’s 2004 time of 39’41” and the tenth placed time of 42’08”. The race-ready duo argue that Kenyans are naturally built for this sport and although they’ve got the heart/lungs to qualify, what they don’t have is a team sponsor—but someone has helped with the visas. If they get good times, the pair would like to get picked up by an established cycling team, giving them the chance at breaking into a sport that doesn’t count one black African among its ranks according to the site.