300_desperation_comic_sarah_palin.jpgDerek Chatwood is a video game designer, illustrator, and a man of the moment. “Whatever collects in the mental filter over the week of media saturation, I spend my weekend trying to squeeze back out onto paper. So results may vary,” writes Chatwood. So it makes sense that he’d create this mock comic book cover featuring the only glimmer of hope left in the Republican party: Ms. Symbolic Gesture aka Super Sarah Palin. Although she’s been stripped of her rifle, the liberal ass kicking, community organizer fighting, political superheroine summons her powers from the baby blood drinking, Creationist Conservative base:

McCain: So.. I hear you don’t believe in Evolution.
Palin: Ha! no, no I sure do not. In fact if I could have my way creationism would be taught as science in schools, as the bible intended. “Under God” isn’t just something our founding fathers wrote into our pledge; it’s real.
McCain: Um. Actually “Under God” was added to our pledge in the 50s, as a paranoid reaction during the McCarthy era. And the pledge only started in the 20s. You know what, doesn’t matter, moving on. It says here you’re very family oriented, very traditional.

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Cover/Words: Derek Chatwood (All his rights are reserved.)