Pretty obvious, right? Junior is having a dickens of a time shooting up properly, struggling to find a vein while tightening the band with his teeth. And yet, the two Hurricane Tina addicts standing behind the boy just keep on blah blah blahing the day away…OK, see the eleven logos at the bottom of this phone kiosk ad? Well, this is what you get when you produce anti-drug advertising by committee—an unintentionally hilarious poster that attempts with utter failure to address the entirety of the City’s drug problems all at once. Notice you got your white man, your Asian man, and your black man…where’s the Latino, dammit (wait, is the Asian guy actually a Latino)? You got FOUR 800 numbers. You got crystal meth, “other substance use,” mental health support, and HIV testing all crammed into a block of copy nobody is reading. And the result is an ad that speaks to no one.