In a recent interview with XXL, rapper The Game discussed some of the not so happy thoughts he’s been having:

“My life is fucked up right now. I’m in a fucked up place. My fans love me, and I know what they want but in a minute, I’m not gonna be physically capable of pleasing the world with music. Because my mind isn’t right. People are driving me under God’s good earth.”

After his statement got out and G-Unit made fun of him, he later added:

“People that really want to commit suicide, they die. They commit suicide. So obviously maybe I’m not strong enough to do it or I’m too strong to do it or I don’t know I haven’t figured it out yet but I know today is not like that day.”

And then he poses for this new Source cover with a gun stuck under his chin, finger on the trigger. If he continues along this trajectory of self-destruction, it’s going to take a German snuff magazine to capture the final money shot.