250_MLspread-01.jpgI love me some Hoogerbrugge. Welcome to the cult of McLovin’ him. If you don’t know his work, visit his site. He’s like the guy in the office where you worked for one day who showed up for work totally high on crack and did some freaky shit, and while, yeah, sure, he got declared 5150 by the end of the day, you’ll never forget the crazy shit that motherfucker did while he was high as a crazy pipe kite. This fall, Brugge’s got a book and DVD of his stuff coming out–finally–and he’s posted some tasty excerpts from it. You know you want it. The book is called MODERN LIVING: The Graphic Universe of Han Hoogerbrugge, and it’s being brought to you by BIS Publishers and SubmarineChannel. In the meantime, his most recent freaky music video for The Young Punx combines video and animation, “Mash It Up,” although while I love his animations, the song kind of made me want to stab myself in the ears.