ikeasolar.jpgWith the Brooklyn IKEA store making itself more of a resource to residents—free ferry rides, shuttle buses, an esplanade—rather than just a commercial obstacle, the newly opened store in Red Hook is winning some of the hearts and minds of its Brooklyn neighbors. And now the build it yourself furniture seller is looking to spread some more of that joy to the rest of the world. The company reportedly plans on investing $77 million in green technologies, eventually leading to the development of “solar panels, efficiency meters, and energy efficient lighting.” This could be good news for the environment and eco-shoppers alike, given IKEA’s reach according to Inhabitat:

“As far as big-box retailers go, it’s hard to dispute the sphere of influence that IKEA casts over the world market. Striking a golden balance between quality and affordability has allowed the furniture giant to build an extensive network of 270 stores in 35 countries, attracting half a billion customers every year. IKEA’s recent investment is exciting because it stands to mobilize these massive distribution channels towards the proliferation of green technology.”

That of course assuming that these new high tech “green” products don’t break as much as their other crap. |Inhabitat|