alife-bic-lighters.jpgThe guys at Alife must be laughing when no matter what they send to the streetwear blogs—even a plastic no frills lighter—it not only gets posted, but also overly editorialized. High Snobiety frames it likes this:

“A lighter is certainly one of those accessories most people carry around with themselves or have lying at home for one or the other reason, thus why not have a nice one. Alife now used the famous BIC lighters as a canvas and added their logo to it in several colors. Not sure when these will be available, but probably already or very soon.”

Sound a bit overblown? Wait till you read this production description from Hypebeast:

“Simplistic in design, Alife’s ever-recognizable logo can be seen on a new pack of BIC lighters. The product fits in nicely for a brand who’s wide-reaching products and projects have made it a true lifestyle initiative. Three different box-logo colors are seen on the white lighters and regardless of what you’re smoking, show your love for Alife.”

Are we the only ones to note that it’s just a freaking lighter and in the scheme of things, borderline swag? They should be giving these away for free. |HighSnobiety| |Hypebeast|