1_ingloriou_bastards_.jpgNearly two weeks ago, ANIMAL posted what appeared to be the screenplay for Quentin Tarantino’s much talked about “Inglorious Bastards” (this site now hosting the PDF doc). A sprawling, surreal, super-violent piece of World War II porn, the story focuses on a band of blood-thirsty Jewish-American soldiers who are totally into “Killin Nazi’s.” Was the script real or fake? Judging by the hand-scrawled cover and rampant spelling mistakes—from “Inglourious Basterds” to an American city the auteur refers to as “Bostin”—it seems nobody but Tarantino would send out such a hot mess of a 165-page script chock full of lines like “Hey, stick your treason up your poop hole” and “Fuck you and your jew dogs” and expect to sell it. Now, with a possible deal with Universal on the table, Weinstein Co. has delivered a cease and desist to ANIMAL, ordering the script be removed—and in doing so confirmed the script is, in fact, a real Tarantino. In the words of Weinstein’s lawyer, Peter Hurwitz: “Pursuant to the provisions of the DMCA, I am writing to you to request you immediately disable access to the script for our film ‘Inglorious Bastards,’ which has not been authorized to be used on your or any other website at this time.” The official script-removing legalese after the jump.