Just in time for Halloween: some hellish in-your-face fake shockvertising to haunt your nightmares. The campaign is for WorkSafe Victoria in Australia. The workers? They’re models. Their steely gazes? They’re also aspiring actors. Their injures? Make-up, prosthetics, and Photoshop. But hey, I guess if the ads keep even just one dumbass construction worker from taking off his goggles or one drunk plant employee from sticking his arm where he shouldn’t, then we must call them a success. “It Doesn’t Hurt To Speak Up” is a pretty good understated tagline, I’ll admit. And hey, speaking of not wearing goggles, click here for a TV spot from the campaign featuring an amazingly stupid lad using a nail gun for the first time. I’m of the opinion that getting a nail in the eye would produce much louder screaming.
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