PH2008091500307.jpgWith Hurricane Ike sucking up all the airtime this weekend—since Bush fucked up Katrina every approaching storm is now an all encompassing media event—you might not have heard about Friday’s train crash in California. A commuter train headed from downtown LA to Ventura County collided with a Union Pacific freight train at 42 mph. Federal investigations from the National Transportation Safety Board are talking with two teenagers who claims they received text messages from the commuter train’s engineer around the time of the crash and could be the reason a stop signal was ignored. The engineer was killed and along with 24 others and the Feds plan on obtaining the cell phone records. If evidence does point to texting as the main culprit, a footnote should be made in the historical record for the day that humans officially devolved. |WaPost|
Photo: AP Photo/Hector Mata