WWW_Richardson_cover.jpgOh, the irony. Look, it’s a party for a new book from fake writer James Frey. It’s called Wives, Wheels, Weapons, and it’s a collaboration with photographer Terry Richardson. I guess these two “bad boys” are “friends” because they’re so transgressive. This limited edition door-stopper is a companion to Bright Shiny Morning, Frey’s new “novel” that most everybody agrees is crap. The hardback edition features images by Richard Prince, the faux artist’s faux-forefather. The book itself is a bunch of white-trash themed drivel of the sort these fauxsters typically generate. So, the irony is this book signing party takes place in the Hamptons, and neither of these assholes is any more white trash-born than that guy drinking Miller High Life at that lame party you went to last weekend. The book is $75. If you buy it, you’re an idiot.