With the 2008 Olympic games officially coming to end, brave US officials decided to finally step up diplomatic pressure on Beijing for the release of James Powderly and seven other Americans detained for their association with activist groups like a Students for A Free Tibet. It apparently worked and all eight were promptly deported to Los Angeles International airport yesterday, five days ahead of their ten day sentence. A lot more details will be forthcoming about the ordeal, but we did learn from co-conspirator and G.R.L. member Evan Roth that cops busted in Powderly’s hotel room ‘V for Vendetta style’ while he was sleeping and carted him away to the “Chong Wen Detention House”—more on that from them later.

With the story getting a huge amount of attention in the world press, the Chinese must have decided this was the best way to mitigate a looming public relations nightmare on the eve of their extravagant finale. The group arrived early last night to what looked like a throng of reporters and supporters. And although Powderly never actually got the chance to L.A.S.E.R. in on his target and shine the words “Free Tibet” on a prominent building near Tiananmen Square, looks like he got the word out pretty effectively regardless. Plus he got a mini-movement and a t-shirt. Now for the party!
Photo: Students for A Free Tibet