Why the media even pays kooky artist Jeff Koons any mind is beyond comprehension. This guy hasn’t created any significant new work in so long. It was bad enough that he left a non-exclusive pile of balloon shit in front of WTC7 in ’06, and now he’s polluting the rooftop of the Metropolitan Museum with a gold version of his seen-a-million-times before “Balloon Dog.” Look here it is in red, magenta, blue, and in miniature form. It’s amazing, he basically changes the colorway of a sculpture and still manages to get press. The New York Times really fell for it: “Their setting aside, Mr. Koons’ sculptures remain intellectually and sensuously exciting objects ‘Balloon Dog’ is a masterpiece and they are worth visiting under any circumstances.” Huh? There’s no way we’re looking at the same hunk of metallic blandness. For such a so called prolific artist with lots of juice and money, he needs to start making some new stuff or put these pooches to sleep for good. Sadly, this shiny blob will remain throughout late October.