300_orig_C_0_articolo_433072_immagine.jpgThe headline on this poster translates as “Who pays for man’s sins?” The copy: “Only four per cent of women who suffer sexual violence report their assailants.” It’s apparently being posted in several Italian cites by the national Telefono Donna rape helpline to raise awareness for the International Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women, Tuesday, November 25th. But conservative (male) politicians in Milan are predictably stomping loudly up on their pulpits. “I’ll do everything in my power to stop this poster going up,” said city councillor Maurizio Cadeo. Like what? Pray? Attack the poster posters? “…an important day like this should not be debased by such a sexual provocation,” said councillor Carlo Fidanza. Why? Because the poster will incite Milanese men to be more rapey? Reached for comment, Pope Benedict XVI said that he plans on suing Telefono Donna, citing that the Roman Catholic Church owns the copyright on the crucifixion symbol. |The Telegraph|