1877534132_e87a32551b-1.jpgIn a surprise Hollywood performance last night, Robin Williams used his two minutes of stage time at the Upright Citizens Brigade theater for a racially charged Barack Obama schtick flaunting urban parlance a tad bit dated according to an ANIMAL correspondent in attendance. Following his inauguration, the hairy drunk imagines Obama greeting the nation with a high five! Then, he’ll shout “Awright, Mutha’fucka! Let me introduce my cabinet: here’s my Main Man, D Junior..” continuing ad nauseum and proving the hairy drinking enthusiast likely has been locked away from black culture since Mork from Ork last aired. The show previewed acts to air on the new Gong Show which will be hosted by creepy looking Dave Attel. Yes, America needs more ironically bad physical comedy.
Photo: |Gebertmf|