Photos: AquaCruise
While many of the media outlets has been focused on the McCain manufactured make-up and swine controversy for the past 48 hours, others like the Nation are actually reporting real news. Apparently the high life hating Maverick of the Senate, who has repeatedly branded Barack Obama a celebrity and an elitist, was photographed in Montenegro on his 70th birthday (two years ago) boarding the Celine Ashley, a luxury yacht rented by actress Anne Hathaway’s sugar daddy, currency swindling con man Raffaello Follieri. He recently plead guilty to a whole boatload of money laundering and fraud charges, making him political kryptonite. McCain was accompanied by his current top campaign aide Rick Davis and that’s where the plot thickens:

“A few months after McCain’s yacht party, Follieri strengthened his ties to McCain’s orbit by retaining Rick Davis’s well-connected Washington lobbying firm, Davis Manafort, and offering Davis both an investment deal and help in securing the Catholic vote for McCain’s presidential bid.”

That must have been some party—although it was nothing like the ones for Department of the Interior officials—and you can see why. Just take a look a this beauty. The Celine Ashley measures 113′ 3”, cruises at about 10 / 13 knots (11.5-15 mph), and is loaded with features. Besides all the usual top of the line radar, cool looking navigation equipment, and lots of high end audio/video entertainment systems, this baby also has room for 8 guests and boasts 4 cabins, and 4 Showers. It’s helmed by a crew of 6 and is even stocked with quick Boston Whaler dinghies that can be dispatched for water skiing and snorkeling. But this level of luxury doesn’t come cheap. She rents herself at a rate of about $52,999–63,599 a week. Scroll down for more of Celine Ashley’s sexy curves and sumptuous surroundings.