51MJqUsJXqL._SS400_.jpgHere’s the cover to that powerHouse book that glorifies former NYPD Vandal Squad cop “Joe Blow” Rivera and stabs the graffiti community in the back. It’s now available on Amazon. Here’s a snippet from the book’s website description:

“The only book on graffiti told from the perspective of law enforcement, Vandal Squad takes us inside the New York Police Department. Rivera’s fast-paced tales of cat and mouse are presented alongside professional disregard within the Department. Featuring never-before-seen photographs and stories of graffiti’s infamous Top 40, Vandal Squad offers an unprecedented look at the graffiti world from the other side of the game.” S

adly, even a ‘know thy enemy’ approach can’t rationalize giving this graffiti-jocking ex-cop any money. |WhatYouWrite|