With Kanye West continuing to take the shutter shades phenomenon from real world pop cultural status into make believe puppet territory, it’s interesting to note the first time the vented sunglasses made their appearance to the masses was way back in 1987, in the highly memorable but often loathed movie Summer School. Horror loving character Francis “Chainsaw” Gremp—at the urging of his teacher Mr. Shoop—wrote to the Cool Dude sunglass company to discuss the often defective shades and eventually got his wish when a complimentary package finally arrived. Turning to the hottest girl in the glass, a foreign exchange student played by South American bombshell Fabiana Udenio, he gives her the coveted shutter shade sunglasses in red. So basically, an accessories trend that has managed to reach the saturation point is actually rooted in a scene, from a C movie during the late 80s. Check the clip at the 1:30 mark after the jump for video evidence of the historic fashion moment. UPDATE: Insightful commenters point out that the shutter shades popped up in 1985, two years before Summer School: Sho’Nuff wore them in Bruce Lee’s The Last Dragon (1985) and this chick rocked them the same year in some New Wave video.