How quickly they all forget. One of the many problems with the frequency of online communications is that it seems to cloud everyone’s ability to recollect. The “It’s here today, gone tomorrow” mentality has led to an often hazy collective memory of what’s been done before. Case in point, the new Complex features the former vandal turned very legal artist KAWS aka Brian Donnelly’s art on the cover and in several spreads. Just a couple months earlier—June to be exact—iD released their issue which also included the designer’s signature illustrations on the cover and in key spreads as the Snobs rightfully note—including a rapper in sunglasses with XX’s on the lenses. But long before the iD cover there was the work he did for French fashion magazine Jalouse in ’07. Now to be fair, from what we’ve heard, Complex technically had KAWS come in and do his thing before iD dropped—but he must have failed to mention that he’s engaged in a similar project with another mag. So the question is, who’s to blame: lazy editors or lazy artist?