LA artist Kyle Ng is readying “We Hear It All’ a new solo exhibition at Flux’s new space in Venice featuring “life-size dioramas filled with taxidermy animal sculptures, antique artifacts and luxe jewels” that attempts to explain the “duality between man and nature.” Basically the artist envisions humans as destroyers of animal purity. Inspired by natural history and Disneyland, the show features a collection of faux environments that one won’t find at the museum: “a bouquet of balloons lifts a squirrel and fox taxidermy sculpture from the forest, a walrus’ tusks are adorned with Swarovski crystals, and a honeycomb hideaway serves as a “tell it to the bees” therapy office.” In addition to the sculpted fur creature creations, the mixed media exhibit will also include experimental music by renowned artist Tim Biskup—who knew? “We Hear It All” opens up at the new Flux space on Thursday, June 26 from 8 to 11pm. Show runs till July 18.
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