Karma, 2008, colored pencil on paper, 30 x 44″
It’s no surprise that artist Eric Yahnker has worked on TV shows like South Park and Seinfeld in light of a new humorous body of work he’s exhibiting this Friday at Jack the Pelican Presents gallery in Brooklyn. His art is described as comical but poignant:

“Eric finds ‘little cracks,’ as he says, “in the status quo.” Each of his pieces is a fully realized joke. But one liners they are not. Instead, they resonate with a powerfully good vibe.”

Like the above piece entitled “Karma” featuring the former animal torturing duo Siegfried & Roy with the frightful mauler that ended their career—and Roy’s life. Click below for a few of the other pieces that even your friends without a thimble full of art fagginess will appreciate.

Cushaw Squashstika, from the Swastika series, 2008, colored pencil on paper, 30 x 22″
Tri-folded Enthusiasm, 2008, graphite on paper, 84 x 116″
Rojo, 2008, ass skull, mask, metal base, approx. 18 x 18 x 26″
Chicken Fight, 2008, graphite on paper, 84 x 124″
“Piano Man (for Guitar)” October 10–November 9