250_polomatch.jpgANIMAL was digging through the wires and found a press release from the East Hampton Historical Society announcing that “(T)he Polo Ralph Lauren Corporation has agreed to underwrite the ongoing restoration of the barns and landscape of the Society’s renowned Mulford farm, one of America’s most notable, intact Colonial farmsteads.” Splendid! Even super rich people like to occasionally get mud on their shoesies because it makes them feel more grounded. And what do you think Ralph is doing to celebrate this new partnership? Making a new t-shirt! With a whale on it! Because, you see, whaling was an important part of the Colonial East Hampton’s economy. So it’ll be a dead whale, I guess? Most likely, it won’t be as ass-ugly as Ralph’s Polo Match shirt, pictured. Seriously, that is the most douche ever splattered on a polo shirt—looks like a huge condiment stain from a distance…this concludes this week’s ANIMAL New York Hamptons report. Have a nice weekend, East Enders!