When it comes to Barack Obama and street art, people are on patrol. Months back MARTY bombed a Shepard Fairey painted mural of the Democratic presidential candidate during the middle of the day in NYC, but it was fixed within hours. Here’s the slight, Pacific Northwest, variation. A street artist stenciled this slightly modified HOPE version of Obama on a wall (left) emblazoned with the junior senator’s middle name “Hussein” in a “very very liberal and artsy part of Seattle.” But it was quickly buffed (right) by a “liberal and progressive business owner” who took it as an offense to Obama. However, it was no such thing according to the photographer Dan Shepard who took the original photo and caught the buff in action: “If they were in the know they would have probably left it up, but this happened before it was “common” knowlege that this was not a slam of Obama, but a sign of support.” The offended owner must never heard of these young name changers.
Photo: Dan Shepherd