250_2404389.0.jpgEveryone in New York City thinks they’re the best at everything. “We’ve got the tallest buildings.” “We have the best restaurants.” “We have the biggest rat problem.” Oh, really? As it turns out, when it comes to vermin, Manhattan ain’t got shit on Los Angeles. “Palisades Rathouse” is the skin-crawling tale of Margaret and Marjorie Barthel, a pair of identical twins in their seventies whose love of rats–the wild kind, not the kind you buy at a pet store–has led to a rat boom that may number in the tens of thousands. The twins rarely come outside and are sometimes seen dragging big bags of dog food–for the rats–into their rundown house, which reeks of urine and is so nasty that the kids bypass it at Halloween. Those who peek in the windows spy rats running amok: “Neither inspector knew the rats had chewed through the wood floors of the kitchen, living room and bedroom, allowing themselves free rein from a basement crawling with them.” Included: footage of the furry beasts gone wild.
Illustration: Chris Rahn