“Whereas standard maps offer an approachable means of visualizing the world, Worldmapper’s striking cartograms work the other way, de-stabilizing the earth as we know it while focusing upon some of the planet’s most vital topics.” This one detailing CO2 levels in 2000. |Inhabitat|
So Google is offering a new browser to take on Internet Explorer, however, if you’re a Mac user they’ll just collect your email for now. |Google|
Painting swastikas on 11 buildings lands NYC man in jail for 11 months. |AP|
The Los Angeles version of the Montauk Monster. |CurbedLA|
Even GOP strategists agree the Palin pick is “bullshit” when a mic is left on. Oops! |Politico|
Forget the hydro, it’s all about aquaponics. |SCIAM|
Actually we disagree. Any true sneakerhead not bidding hard on these Geoff McFetridge specials is a punk, straight-up! |SuperTouch|