The arrow marks the spot: MARTY catching a tag over Obama. Photo: Razor Apple
The battle for public space between graffiti writers and street artists continues. Semi-notorious bomber, MARTY, decided that he wasn’t going to let one of those now iconic, Shepard Fairey designed Obama posters obscure his long time spots for fill-ins. Taking cues from the street artist, he too struck at the optimal time: in the middle of day. He brazenly painted right over the presidential hopeful and the clever vandal even incorporated orange into his throw up—whether as tribute or as a camouflage to blend in next to the recently painted day-glow Keith Haring mural—our bet being on the latter. The high trafficked Houston Ave and Bowery spot, is a hotbed of activity and has a dedicated history of people going over each other, only this time, someone actually documented it. And not only did this photog get MARTY in action through four lanes of traffic, but also the three Obama supporting samaritans. They were not dispatched by Fairey, but voluntarily scrubbed, fixed, and then retouched it, restoring Obama the best they could. Head over to Razor Apple for the whole gallery of images and Shepard’s take on the infraction. |RazorApple|