(Click image to enlarge dismal fine print)
You’re riding through depressing East New York, and you spot this billboard on the side of a one of the neighborhood’s shitty buildings. You read the headline. You see the toilet. Ouch. East New York ain’t TriBeCa, but is inferring that it’s a TOILET appropriate? Then, you read the small print. Then you read the smaller print (it looks like, Bristol-Meyers Squibb). Ohhh. It’s one of those cheating pharmaceutical advertisements. By not actually naming their HIV drug, the company gets around including all the pesky disclaimer copy. So diarrhea is apparently the major side effect of HIV meds. Jesus. I have chronic IBS, and it is pure agony sometimes (I do all my New Yorker reading on the shitter.). Cramping, burning, itching HIV-positive people—my probably-useless agnostic prayers are with you.