UP91008PT-mear-one-x-obama.jpgTo date, most of the art prints created for Barack Obama as part of the 008 Movement’s mission to get the Democratic presidential nominee elected have been stunning. From Ron English’s latest Abe Lincoln to imagery by Morning Breath, MUNK ONE and Sam Flores, among others, the work has been amazing. But this newest addition by LA-based graffiti writer MEAR ONE—who has a pretty impressive portfolio otherwise—ain’t as easy to co-sign. For one, it looks nothing like Barack Obama, even abstractly, and unlike the junior senator, is rather uninspiring. And although MEAR was mocking the president when he created this George Bush-WTC combo image, it’s certainly more proficient than this drab, cloud crowding, dark skinned Obama. Like others before it, this print will sell for $200 and is being released in limited editions of 50.