The double exposure photograph you see here was created by Damon Winter. Two photos shot on one piece of film, the image marries a shot of the mannequin-populated window display at upscale lingerie store La Perla and a shot of the “swinging beef” truck-to-store meat loading system used by Atlas Meats down the street. Combined, the photo symbolizes the gentrification overtaking the area. “Flesh of the more human variety is now a more common site on the streets of the meat-packing district, which now has many nightclubs, bars and high-end fashion boutiques. With rising rents and property values in the neighborhood, many longtime residents of the neighborhood fear that the meat industry will soon be all but gone.” In an essay Winter wrote about why double exposures represent the contrasts of the city, he compares the painstaking process of creating these artworks to “put[ting] together a jigsaw puzzle without seeing the pieces.” |NYT|