MeghanMccain_blog_.jpgWe’ve been following the ramblings of hottie exhibitionist blogger Meghan McCain for a while now. The buxom blond and her crew of McCain Blogette’s have been documenting the presumptive Republican nominee’s campaign since it began on their blog (unfortunately, like Tokion, they too don’t have permalinks). In addition to posting photos of herself, family, friends, and Henry Kissinger’s feet, she also answers questions from you, the public at large. Learn what kind of perfume she wears, the blogs she reads, her favorite NYC eateries, and how much she loves her “cool duds.” Snippets of the Q&A below that just plummeted her hotness significantly.

Tom from Sayville, New York asked:
What are some of your favorite eateries in NYC
There are so many great places to eat in NYC that it’s hard to narrow it down to just a few. My favorite restaurant is “The Spice Market” in the Meatpacking District. I used to eat/get drinks there all the time when I lived in NYC and love the food, ambiance, and the crowd. My other favorite eatery is “Mill Korean” located close to Columbia’s campus. I ate there several times a week while I attended college.
Laura from Anchorage, Alaska asked:
What kind of perfume do you like to wear?
I wear “Chloe” during the day and Victor and Rolf’s “Flower Bomb” if I go out at night.
Sonia from Seattle, Washington asked:
Does your Dad ever get any down time to breathe and relax? (Whew, I wish I had as much energy as him!!)
During his infrequent breaks, my dad likes to relax, eat Mexican food and watch sports. He also enjoys going to the movies and attending Diamondback games.
Lucinda from Columbia, Missouri asked:
What blogs do you read on a regular basis?
Some of my favorite political websites and blogs include Politico, Drudge Report, Swampland, Perez Hilton, and GreenMountainPolitics.
Clara from Cornish, New Hampshire asked:
Where do you get your cool duds from?
Thank you for saying I have cool duds! I buy my clothes at stores ranging from Saks and Barneys to Target and Old Navy. I love clothes, no matter where they come from, as long as they fit well.