Mexican Mayor Busted For Catering To NYC’s Upper Crust

image-of-cocaine.jpgThe Drug Enforcement Agency continues it’s assault on the wealthy, party-happy residents of Gotham, recently announcing the arrival of multi-kilogram trafficking Mayor of Izúcar de Matamoros, Mexico: Ruben Gil. He will face charges in Manhattan for trying to bring in a weekend’s worth of coke into the city—11 kilos in November ’07, 22 in ’06. But that’s small rocks, compared to what they’re tying him to in a Los Angeles federal court. The DEA there seized 150 kilos from a truck bearing the name “Gil Moving & Storage.” If convicted, Gil faces a mandatory minimum of at least 10 years, but technically should really get life automatically, just for the sheer stupidity of naming a drug-running moving company after himself.