A Catholic cleric from Britain compares Mickey Mouse to the Antichrist in his new book, arguing that the Walt Disney Co. is guilty of “exploiting spirituality.” This is news? |NYDN|
Although the Yankees will get a shiny new state of the art stadium, Bronx kids won’t get a modest reguation ballfield for a while. |NYDN|
A city bus driver was killed in Bed Stuy after denying a transfer to man who had not paid his fare. |NYT|
According to the NYPD, NewYork-Presbyterian hospital is in trouble for not notifying them right away of Giants receiver Plaxico Burress’ gun shot wound as mandated by state law. |NYT|

Even with their money woes, the MTA will spend approximately $1 billion to buy 382 new subway cars and $3.2 billion overall to complete the 1,662 car order. |NYP|
A lawsuit is claiming that funds earmarked to finance the sale of 666 Fifth Avenue were used to fund Jared Kushner’s Observer newspaper. |NYP|
Did you see last night’s rare celestial event? |amNY|