Photo: Christina Pampalone
The guy who says he dragged the Montauk Monster off the beach back on July 13 and brought it to a friend’s yard now claims the carcass was stolen. They were planning on letting it rot down to the bone so an artist could turn the remains into art and sell it for Damien Hirst prices. |EastHamptonStar|
Montauk residents claim that at least once a year, weird shit happens to them. |Newsday|
The Jews assure us that the Montauk Monster is not the Pale Horse of the Apocalypse, and is most likely a raccoon. |JewishJournal|
Public meetings to discuss Plum Island’s future are being held tonight in Long Island. Now is your chance to corner the island’s director, Dr. Larry Barrett, and ask him why a housefly doesn’t provide scale in determining the size of the monster. |Newsday|
And finally, the absolute worst Montauk Monster theory to date. No it’s not from another dimension made possible by a break in the space/time continuum. |ConspiracyGuy|