Photo: Chang W. Lee/The New York Times
The MTA could learn a thing or two from hobbyist Thomas Nuzzo’s realistic model train set, at least his announcements can be heard. |NYT|
However, despite their insufferable incompetence, you can’t say they’re not imaginative with a new plan to tax the hell out of motorists. |NYDN|
Now if they can only figure out how to get the damn LIRR trains from derailing. |Newsday|
Day laborers are going to stick it out now that Obama’s been elected. |NYDN|
Tourists are flocking to see the disaster on Wall Street firsthand. |NYT|

Upper West Siders are bitching bout losing their good view of Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade. |NYT|
Many of the baggage scales American Airlines uses at JFK are out of wack and many fliers may have been overcharged. |NYP|
Does Coney Island really need a $54 million amphitheater? |NYP|
Officials at Stuyvesant High School will soon use metal detectors to check students for electronic devices not weapons to discourage cheating during finals. |NYP|