The Bronx’s Monroe College has been pushing its School of Criminal Justice lately with disturbing yet goofy subway placards. Now, I know a local college doesn’t have the advertising budget to do a crack professional photo shoot. But if you’re going to run with a headline like “As Real As Real World Education Gets,” then don’t produce such a bad fake real ad. Don’t shove a nasty knife (with no blood on it) into already always nervous straphangers’ faces. And don’t include some stupid-looking fake not-detective model stupidly pointing out that he indeed knows where the body was. In fact, it’s probably best that you don’t put a fucking murder scene inside subway cars, yes? If I want a real world education, I’ll slam some meth and grab myself an inconspicuous overnight stoop seat in any of a number of South Bronx neighborhoods near your campus.
|Photo: Animal|