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The majority of New Yorkers pretty much hate graffiti. Sure they like pretty street art and maybe some murals, but when it comes to tags or throw ups and especially scratchitti, it drives them mad. But apparently it’s not just the scribble on the windows that bothers straphangers, it’s any kind of obstruction which might explain the recent controversy surrounding the MTA’s decision to place full window ads on the outside of subway cars. It’s a move they claim wasn’t motivated by money, but to reduced the despised artform. Sure! So basically, the MTA is arguing for one form of visual pollution over the other. It’s only a matter of time before the continually bumbling agency forcee straphangers to beg for the days of window obscuring graffiti over these coke ads. It’s also a tad hypocritical for the city to consider a soft drink tax and then create a custom marketing program to promote the crap. And to further incense even more, that Doomsday budget? It passed this afternoon.