250_guardians_of_the_north_large.jpgAs we speak, Alaska’s cities are being invaded. No, not by the Russians, but from rural natives who can’t afford to live in the bush anymore. The mass exodus prompted Anchorage Mayor Mark Begich and Schools Superintendent Carol Comeau to write Sarah Palin a letter (PDF doc), begging the governor to take emergency action against these indigenous trespassers who are entering the cities and schools en masse. Although the state issued $1,200 energy bonus checks were expected to relieve financial pressure for rural Alaskans, many have instead used the money to move into the cities where goods are cheaper. What’s eating into their budget in such an energy rich environment like Alaska you ask? Why energy costs of course:

According to the Institute of Social and Economic Research at UAA, this year the poorest 20 percent of rural residents were paying 47 percent of their income in energy costs. In 2000, that same income group was spending about 16 percent of their income on energy.

So much for all that talk about the governor’s expertise in this specific area. |ADN|