250_butterfingers.jpg“Butterfinger is a brand that truly celebrates clever, witty humor,” said Tricia Bowles, spokesperson, for Nestlé Confections. Really, how so? The Butterfinger ‘Name Change’ prank had to be one of the weakest April Fools jokes to be attempted on the public yesterday. Candy maker Nestlé, issued a press release on the morning of April 1, purporting to alter the name of Bart Simpson’s favorite candy bar, from “Butterfinger” to “The Finger.” Hee hee hee, they were just kidding and using the PR to launch some stupid new comedy website of theirs on Yahoo. They also distributed more than 200k of the ‘Finger’ bars free at more than 2,000 7-Elevens, but it’s probably safe to say that not one of them was fooled.